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Brightstar Fires - Saturn Gas Fire Pit Table - Round - Luxury Fire Pits

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Brightstar Fires are made/supported in the UK, manufactured from high-quality exterior stainless steel & use powerful 18kw burners made for the UK market. 

Manufactured from exterior grade brush polished stainless steel, the Saturn round fire pit is equipped with a powerful 18kw burner at its heart. A lava rock is included to cover the burner.

As well as providing instant heat, it also creates a stunning atmosphere that will make warm yet chilly nights you'll never forget. The brush finish surrounding the burner will reflect and enhance the flames and can be used as a coffee table when the burner is not being used.

It can be installed permanently in one place or can be moved around as required. (subject to gas pipe installation).

The Saturn gas round fire pit comes in 2 versions: LPG burner and mains gas depending on your preferences.

It is vital that you know with certainty which version you require before ordering.

Features and Benefits:

  • Adjustable flame height
  • Push button piezo ignition
  • Flame failure safety device
  • CE approved safe
  • Includes a lava rock to cover the burner
  • LPG model comes with a 4m hose and clips
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom

Important Notes:

  • The metal structure surrounding the burner can become quite hot during use. Please allow it to cool down before attempting to move it. Make sure nothing is placed on the table during use.
  • The burner generates a lot of heat directly underneath the burner. It is safe to use on stone patios but may damage decking or lawns. This can be solved by placing heatproof insulation under the table.
  • In the event you require a backup weather cover this one is designed specifically for this model
  • Please be sure which version you need (LPG bottle version or natural gas mains version) before ordering.

    Specific for the LPG Bottle (Propane) Version:

    • Maximum heat: 18kW
    • Installation: It requires a gas pipe from the bottle location. Usually, it's also a lot closer, which makes installation easier
    • Convenience: It is extremely helpful if you cannot install a mains gas burner
    • Multiple burners: There's the option for you to have multiple burners since each one runs from its own bottle
    • Running costs: Bottled gas costs more than natural gas
    • If you buy the LPG version, be aware that you may need a bottle regulator if you do not have one already. A regulator spanner is included. 
    • Be aware that you need a propane bottle no less than 19kg to be used with this fire pit table
    • If you are missing any of the following accessories needed to operate your LPG version table, you can find them here:

    Specific for the Natural Mains Gas Version:

    • Maximum heat: 18kw
    • Installation: Will need a gas supply pipe from the meter. This cannot be taken from an existing supply pipe to another appliance. Check with your gas engineer first.
    • Convenient as always available with no bottles to run out during your party
    • Check with your gas engineer to ensure you have enough spare capacity at the meter
    • Natural gas is cheaper than bottled gas
    • For this version, we have an installation kit for 25mm MDPE to aid connection of the table to the gas meter, if you need it.

    Capella Gas Square Fire Pit Table - Delivery Times

    Waiting times for Brightstar Fires products are as follows:

    • Vega Portable Firepit: 2-3 Working Days
    • Weather Covers: 2-3 Working Days
    • Accessories: 2-3 Working Days
    • Fire Pits and Tables: 3-4 Weeks

    No extra shipping cost is incurred when spending over £200. Otherwise, default shipping costs are £19.99. 

    Delivery outside the United Kingdom is possible but at a cost calculated based on the delivery address. Please contact us for a quote. 


    • Option of LPG bottle or mains natural gas input
    • Fire pit dimensions: 1000 x 1000 x 350mm (39.4" x 39.4" x 13.8")
    • Burner size: 600 x 600mm (23.6" x 23.6")
    • Powerful and adjustable 18kW output

    All our gas fire pits & burner kits are available in mains natural gas or LPG bottle versions. You’ll still get the same powerful 18kW heat output, regardless of gas type. We advise connecting to the mains gas supply if possible. Installation costs could be higher, but running costs would be lower.

    The burners are not interchangeable, so it’s important to select the correct gas type when ordering. If you end up with the wrong version – contact us.

    Gas Type Comparison Natural Mains Gas LPG Bottle (Propane)
    Maximum Heat 18kw 18kw
    Installation Will need a gas supply pipe from the meter.  This cannot be taken from an existing supply pipe to another appliance.


    Check with your gas engineer first.

    Will need a gas pipe from the bottle location. This could be a lot closer, so easier to install
    Convenience Always available.  No bottles to run out half way through your party. Convenient if you cannot install a mains gas burner.
    Multiple Burners Check with your gas engineer to ensure you have enough spare capacity at the meter. You can have multiple burners as each runs from its own bottle.
    Running Costs Natural gas is cheaper than bottled gas. Bottled gas is more expensive than natural gas.
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