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Onda 2 Seat Leather Sofa & Coffee Table Set

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Onda was born to blend in different environments and, at the same time, to make them unique. Being conceived for the outdoor, the Pininfarina design team took the inspiration from the dynamism, elegance and purity of the ocean waves, the empty space that is created when a wave is broken, resulting in to a hollow or tube wave (onda in Italian).

Inspired by car sector structure, emphasis and exposure of the internal heavy duty aluminium structure provides a sense of security to the user and a distinctive aesthetic. The choice of the materials come from the Pininfarina 360° design experience: the aluminium, coming from the car sector for the structure, the fabrics, used in the yachts for its resistance for the cushions. By using Ferrari leather and ceramic glass tops, Odna stands out as one of the most luxurious and fancy models in the furniture industry.

Set Includes: 

X2 Single Sofa - D930 X W1055 X H770 (mm)

X1 Double Sofa - D930 X W1800 X H770 (mm)

X1 Coffee Table -  D1200 X W720 X H435 (mm)

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